Brooklyn Together: The Importance of Being a Part of the Community

Brooklyn Together: The Importance of Being a Part of the Community

For us, being Brooklyn-based is not just hip, it is a historic responsibility. Whether it is because the first roller coaster in the world was at Coney Island, or the first air conditioner in Bushwick, or the world’s first MRI machine in East Flatbush, or for its world-renowned Hip Hop from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn is known around the world as a place of innovation and as the origin of countless trends. In the coming months, we will feature our hometown more often, bringing more attention to our Brooklyn community and heritage. Innovation is deep in the roots of our company and our community.

Joel "Grizzly" Bocourt & Oleg MaryAces

Today we would like to feature one of the most respected people in the Northeast cannabis community, Joel "Grizzly" Bocourt, who has shown undying commitment to educating the public about the cannabis plant and the endocannabinoid system while providing a marketplace for local brands and creators.

This man is responsible for organizing and bringing together industry trailblazers from MA, CT, NJ, RI, PA & DC who came to share their knowledge with Brooklyn residents and inspiring local entrepreneurs. His long list of notable speakers include Dr. Uma Dhanabalan, Dr. Bernard Lee, Sarah Stenuf, Leo Bridgewater and countless other medical professionals, scientists, veterans and established cannabis entrepreneurs.

I will never forget the 1st CannaTalk in a clear-glass Bushwick storefront, when an open to the public discussion featuring doctors and nurses educated a full house of guests about medical cannabis, with Dr. Uma explained that “Cannabis is an exit drug from pharmaceuticals, narcotics and alcohol.”

Grizzly has been organizing community events in Brooklyn for almost a decade. Lock & Key Remedies has been one of the proud sponsors of all the CannaTalks, CannaMarkets, as well as the Rebel Minded Society Festivals in the past 4 years. The 3-day festival combines Fashion, Visual Arts/Film, Music, and of course, education.

Grizzly understands that all arts are interconnected and must be shared with the community. He is very in tune with a wide range of local Brooklyn talent who inspire guests at each of the events he organizes.

In his upcoming virtual CannaTalk Vol. 10, I am honored to have been invited to be on an esteemed panel to discuss “How To Be an Educated Consumer”, taking place at 7pm EST, February 22nd. We invite you to join from the comfort of your home by registering at

We hope to see you there!