1-cannabis-now.jpg "Lock & Key Remedies, in the industrial neighborhood of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, is one of these terpene-focused businesses looking at strain recreation."
 2-canniseur.jpg "When I visited the company’s office on a gray morning this January, it quickly became clear that Lock & Key’s vision is rooted in a love both for precise science and cannabis itself."
 3-civilized.jpg "Regulatory and marketing issues aside, CBD is going nowhere in New York."
 4-leafly.jpg "Manufactured in Brooklyn and lab-tested, Lock and Key Remedies’ line of vape cartridges utilize a wide range of derived terpenes to recreate some of your favorite strains."
"Lock & Key Remedies is a prime example of how the innovation surrounding terpenes is going to be an area we will all want to be paying close attention to in the coming years."
 6-new-jersey-monthly.jpg  "Our Extreme Tinctures Whole Plant Extract, with a wide range of terpenes; and our CBD Isolate Oil, which are tasteless, giving them versatility."
7-new-york-times.jpg  “This sets a bad standard for the industry,” Oleg MaryAces said “We want to lead with genuineness, and not just opportunism.”