Don't Use CBD as a Crutch!

Don't Use CBD as a Crutch!

Without a doubt, Cannabidiol (CBD) is a fascinating molecule, and in coming years scientific research will help us map out its true capabilities. Yet, for all its powers, it is important not to look at CBD as your magical savior. Your well-being depends on many variables and your lifestyle should consist of a well-rounded, holistic approach.

Let’s start with a quick refresher on the basic components of any wellness regimen.

Exercise: Maintaining a consistent exercise routine which may include jogging or yoga.

Diet: Focus on nutritious and unprocessed foods, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables Sunshine: Moderate sun exposure for the absorption of Vitamin D, ideally 30 minutes a day for several days a week. Catch sunrises and sunsets whenever you can.

Sleep: Many studies have shown that getting four to five uninterrupted sleep cycles (a total of 6-9 hours) is essential for maintaining optimal health.

Water: Hydrate! Aim for eight cups of water per day (unsweetened herbal teas are good too).

Nature: Spending time outdoors in a forest, park, or beach once a week.

Breathe: Explore and practice different breathing exercises & techniques to attain both physical and psychological balance.

Committing to the above mentioned basics as part of your lifestyle will establish a healthy foundation for your body and mind. Taking care of your whole body and mind will bring your body closer to homeostasis, its internal balance.

From that balanced point, you are better able to focus on preventative health and health maintenance, which require smaller quantities of active ingredients than are necessary to quell flared-up conditions.

We must also take into account that many people are afraid of surgeries and try to avoid them at any cost. Many of such people are now finding temporary relief with the help of higher potency CBD products. The relief that is felt may indeed be real, yet this relief may be masking an essential need for a surgery, physical therapy, or another type of medical treatment. This is why you must make sure that you tell your doctor about all your symptoms and remedies so that they could give you accurate, medical advice.

The goal is for your body to remain in homeostasis, maintaining a healthy and happy internal equilibrium. When it comes to health, you want to be dedicated to a lifestyle that fully supports your well-being. Remember, CBD is just one element to your overall wellness.