NYS Becoming a 2021 Trailblazer in Hemp/CBD Product Regulations!

NYS Becoming a 2021 Trailblazer in Hemp/CBD Product Regulations!

In 2017, two years after launching the NY State Hemp Pilot Research Program, Governor Cuomo proclaimed his goal for NY State to lead our nation in hemp innovation. Almost four years later, the state has made very little effort to put that vision into action—and the limited action that has been taken has often been illogical.

Yet, the Empire State is finally on the cusp of trailblazing in one of the most popular uses of hemp: establishment of nation-leading standards for consumable cannabinoid/hemp products.

The grower and processor/extractor licenses became available and accessible in 2017. In 2021, two new types of licenses are being added: “Cannabinoid Hemp Manufacturer/Processor” and “Cannabinoid Hemp Retailer. The NYS Department of Health will be in charge of these upcoming licenses and its regulations, which will ensure that the products made and sold within the state are fully compliant and safe for the consumers.

Till this day, the "CBD industry" has been dominated by products with inadequate testing, often containing harmful ingredients, toxins and heavy metals. Since the founding of Lock & Key Remedies in 2016, product safety has been our cornerstone pillar. We are very pleased to see our home-state take consumer-safety seriously and look forward to being a NYS Department of Health Licensed Cannabinoid Hemp Manufacturer & Retailer.

We have submitted our feedback and recommendations on how the State and its Department of Health can improve further the program, especially for consumers who utilize cannabinoid remedies for serious health conditions. For example, the proposed 3,000mg CBD limit will disallow us to carry the 4000mg Extreme Tincture.

And, although we do not sell help in flower/herb form, we agree with the many medical professionals who submit that vaporization of raw “hemp flower” has its importance for certain conditions and that hemp flower cigarettes are a great tobacco cigarette smoking cessation tool. It is also important to mention that the ability to sell raw hemp flower provides an essential income for the NYS farmers.

We encourage you to share your “CBD product” experiences with the team within the NYS Department of Health who are finalizing this bill. Simply write “Attention: Katherine Ceroalo” and email your feedback to regsqna@health.ny.gov.

Lock & Key Remedies has always strived to be a trailblazer in the development of safe and accessible cannabinoid remedies. We’ll keep you updated as we go through the process of becoming NYS Department of Health Licensed Cannabinoid/Hemp Manufacturer and Retailer.