PSA: Stop Drinking Your CBD Oil

PSA: Stop Drinking Your CBD Oil

Unfortunately, most people are taking their CBD tinctures incorrectly.

First, we must define that “Sublingual” means administered under the tongue, where it is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth. This allows for the active ingredients to enter into the bloodstream in a more direct path than if you were just to swallow the oil.

When the oil is swallowed, as much as 80 to 95% of all active ingredients are destroyed by the acids in the digestive tract.

Studies have shown the bioavailability (absorption of the active ingredients by the body) sublingually is two to five times higher than it is via the digestive tract.

Here is how to take the CBD Oil Tincture correctly, for maximum bioavailability:

  1. Take a quarter of the dropper (0.25ml) of oil and squeeze it out under your tounge.
  2. Hold the oil under the tongue for at least 1 to 2 minutes, so that there is almost no oil left to swallow.
  3. Repeat the two steps above, depending on the potency of the oil you are taking and the condition you are aiming to address.

Note: We do not recommend taking more than half a dropper (0.5ml) at a time, as it is unlikely that the active ingredients in the excess oil will get absorbed by the blood vessels.