New York State Legalizes Adult-Use Cannabis

New York State Legalizes Adult-Use Cannabis

The signed version of the law is 128 pages, lacks many details and is in many ways contradictory to it's goals, however it is arguably the most progressive Cannabis Laws in our Country, and in the World!

Back on October 31st, 2014 I was given the final words in the New York Times article that was a bit ahead of its time, titled For Pot Inc., the Rush to Cash is Underway.

“If we do this right, we can be an example to the nation. We don’t have to be the first ones to legalize it. We just have to do it right.”

Now that the Prohibition of Cannabis is Over in NYS, there is another quote that is important to mention, one that Stan Lee made famous in Spiderman "with great power comes great responsibility." This quote applies to what takes place Next.

Although most of NYS population has been for this Law, there is widespread concern about it’s implementation and how it will impact New York City and other densely populated areas where families live in very close proximity, where smells of burning cannabis will linger greatly.

There will be countless other issues to tackle, some more substantial than others. Many of these issues will be due to lack of knowledge by regulators, consumers and the general public.

The responsibility of Educating Consumers, Regulators, and the General Public will be on the businesses that bring this Industry to the marketplace.

As a company that has Education as one of it’s main pillars we are committed to playing a major role in contributing experience-based information and scientific research in the implementation of the new Law.