High Potency Tincture


Our high potency tincture is formulated with whole-plant hemp extract and contains at least 50mg of CBD per milliliter, as well as a range of other non-intoxicating cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Featuring a graduated dropper so you can always measure an accurate dose, this tincture is available in 15ml (750mg) and 30ml (1,500mg) bottles. 

Directions: Hold the oil under the tongue for at least 90 seconds. 

Ingredients: USDA Organic Certified MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Whole-Plant Hemp Extract, USDA Organic Certified Essential Oil Blend (Sweet Orange, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Ho Wood, Juniper Berry).

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Written by Joshua Ace on Dec 16th 2022

The Best CBD in the World.

The Best CBD in the World No questions Asked. #AceRHealing

Written by Mark L Weinberger on Jun 21st 2022



Written by Mark L Weinberger on Apr 14th 2022



Written by Mark L Weinberger on Feb 24th 2022



Written by Mark L Weinberger on Dec 21st 2021


excellent product.. helps my sleep greatly!

Written by Toni Ehrlich-Feldman on Jul 13th 2021

Great quality CBD

I have used this product for quite a few years. I love it. It helps me get excellent quality sleep. I recommend trying it.

Written by Toni on Apr 12th 2021

High Potency Tincture

I use this every night to help me sleep since the plandemic.

Written by frank copestick on Aug 30th 2020

Good stuff

Very herbaceous, I had the 1500mg just xou Le the size of the 750mg. Remember that's not the dosage that's how much oil is in btl. This company does a great job with there CBD worth trying them out! What I like you may not and so on!

Written by Gary Knappick on Aug 29th 2020

High potency tincture

This product is fantastic. I have back issues. I had been misdiagnosed by chiropractors and therapist for years. I found this product at a location in my area that specializes in CBD and wholistic remedies. I started ordering off the website for convienence purposes. I figured it was worth a shot . 1 year later I have not had any back problems. And you really don’t need to take it all day. Just one dose a day is good for me. I am sleeping better as well, another good side effect of the product. I will be a life long customer! Gary Jenkintown

Written by Janet Michaud on Aug 28th 2020

Anxious much?!?!?!

Some days I think my heart may just pound out of my chest, but this has made such a huge difference! It's like a deep breath...thanks!