High Potency Bundle

A High Potency Tincture with One Muscle Rub of your choosing:
High Potency Tincture is formulated with whole-plant hemp extract and contains at least 50mg of CBD per milliliter, as well as a range of other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Available in 15ml (750mg) and 30ml (1,500mg) bottles. 
Muscle Rub Options:

Warming Muscle Rub, containing at least 300mg of full spectrum CBD per 1oz. tin, is infused with cayenne pepper, ginger root, and essential oils.

Cooling Muscle Rub, containing at least 300mg of full spectrum CBD per 1oz. tin, is infused with herbal olive oil containing Arnica, Calendula, and St. Johns Wort.

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